Hair Care & FAQs

Hair Care & FAQs
Thank you for choosing Divine Allure
We hope you love your purchase! Here's some helpful tips for your new hair purchase you can follow...
How many bundles will you need ?
• Full install 2-3 bundles for 20in or shorter.
• Full install 4 bundles for 22in or longer.
• Full install 5 bundles for 30in or longer
How long will my hair last, and what's the difference between them?
• Virgin Princess Bundles will last 1-2 years with proper care.
Our Virgin hair is Luxury bundles at an affordable price. This hair has a natural silky texture and has not been chemically process to ensure its longevity. Super soft to the touch and can be lifted and dyed all colors.
• Raw Queen Bundles will last 3+ with proper care.
Our raw hair is for the Queens who want the best of what hair can offer. Full from roots to tip. This hair will perfectly mimic your naturally textured hair, and flow with ease. All cuticles are alined in the same direction to prevent any tangles. 
*All of our hair has minimum shedding & will not be noticeable.
Before installing your new bundles! (*excluding any “Ready to Wear’ wigs)
• Always wash and condition new bundles throughly.
• If possible allow bundles to air dry completely.
• Try not to cut wefts for installs to prevent shedding.
Morning routine.
• Brush hair daily and free it of any tangles.
• Always use a heat protectant. Use a light hair serum or a styling mist.
• Avoid excessive daily heat, heavy oils or alcohol based products.
• Too much product will cause build up and weight the har down.
• #613 should be treated with extra care. Keep hydrated with light oil or spray.
• Curly bundles should be styled on wet hair. Use a leave-in spray and curl definition cream. Follow up with a frizz tamer if needed.
Night routine.
• Never sleep in wet hair. This may cause the bundles to matte or cause shedding.
• Detangle hair before bed.
• Roll hair in rollers at night to reduce the use of heat.
• Always wear a satin bonnet or scarf to protect hair at night.
How to wash your hair.
• Wash hair weekly.
• Fully remove tangles from hair by brushing from ends to roots.
• Wet hair and always use downward motions. Never scrunch or massage hair.
• Use a good shampoo and conditioner for your bundles. Follow up with a deep treatment and/or leave-in conditioner.
• Whenever possible allow hair to air dry.
Maintaining your hair.
• Treat your hair as if it were your own!
• Wash and condition hair weekly.
• Hair can be straightened or curled. Avoid over heating.
• Seek professional for bleaching or coloring.